Aralia Maxwell

Analogous Satisfaction - Pthalo Green and Azo Yellows (2), 2023
Acrylic on wood | Acrylique sur panneau
7 x 8 x 4.50 in

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The series “Satisfactions” began as an investigation into food aesthetics and evolved into meditations on time and material transformation. The act of making, rather than the end appearance is significant.

Utilizing tools intended for cake decoration, small careful gestures allow thick acrylic paint to build up over days, months, and in some cases, years. The object begins to consume itself, while its body evolves and grows. In this way, the artwork is never fully “satisfied” and could continue indefinitely. The fractal-like results may evoke forms present in gastronomy, biology, geology, and/or astronomy.

For these monochromes, the palette has been reduced to colours which are synthetically manufactured. First invented by chemists in the 19th century, artificial colours were derived from coal tar, petroleum, and natural gas, and dramatically transformed the visual aesthetics of our Modern times. This includes Azos, Quincridones, Pthalos, and so on. Today, artificial dyes are so ubiquitous that they not only can be found in food and paint but, also, in textiles, cosmetics, medicine, and other common consumer products.



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