Ryan Crotty

Circuit Breaker, 2023
Acrylic, modeling paste, gloss gel medium and archival varnish on linen | Acrylique, pâte à modeler, médium lustré et vernis sur lin
24 x 20 in
Please note that shipping fees are not included. A representative will be in touch to discuss these costs. | Veuillez noter que les frais de livraison ne sont pas inclus. Un représentant communiquera avec vous pour discuter de ces coûts. For international collectors: All prices are in Canadian dollars. For a quote in any other currency, please contact us. Canadian taxes will only be applied to shipments in Canada. "It’s the imagined alien sunset, the vibrant animated images of video games, the glow of neon beer signs through a smoky haze in our local dive bar in my 20’s, the bioluminescence of deep sea creatures, Dan Flavin and James Turrell’s perplexing use of light and color, deep space imagery from exploratory probes, dappled morning sunlight spilling through a window ever-changing and alive, lightsabers and lasers, kaleidoscopes and the county fair...it’s all of those things and none of them specifically. It’s chasing the sublime in the hopes of seeing something new and different that radiates with an inexplicable energy."



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