Emily Filler

Everlasting Bouquet (rainbow stripes), 2022
Mixed media sculpture | Sculpture technique mixte
23 x 12 x 12 in

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Emily Filler seeks empowerment through the production of bloom imagery, one that has often been overlooked throughout art history due to its feminine and artisanal connotations. Free from the constraints of the artistic canon, her compositions showcase a wide variety of mediums and techniques (silkscreen, painting, collage, repurposed archives) in the form of bright, bold and meticulously balanced floral shapes.

"Flowers are the most beautiful things I can think of or imagine. Part of the inspiration for the bouquets comes from a personal place, my father loves to garden and I spent a lot of time in the garden as a child. He is also a photographer and often takes photographs of flowers. In fact most of my floral imagery comes from photographs of flowers from his garden. But they are also versatile as a subject matter, which interests me greatly. I love that an abstract mark can represent a flower. I am very interested in collage, combining patterns and colours, and mixing different imagery in my work. The bouquets and my work with floral imagery give me the freedom to experiment with all of these things."



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