Kriss Munsya

Family Tree. String Theory (1/7), 2022
c-print archival paper on dibond | impression C-print archive sur papier dibond
31.25 x 25 in

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String Theory is a segment of my series Genetic Bomb. This segment is a metaphor about how sometimes we are blinded consciously or unconsciously by the past.
The characters in the photos have strings in front of their eyes. Every string represent an event of their past. The idea of String Theory is that the past looks sometimes preferable to us than the present. That’s why the strings are in vivid colors and look to be more vivid than the actual photo.
"The strings of the past sing in harmonies in front of our eyes"



"With his latest body of work,“Genetic Bomb,” Kriss Munsya delves into personal history and the lingering traumas of colonialism. Born in Kinshasa, DRC, Munsya moved to Belgium as a very young child. In his artist statement, he speaks of carrying “generational guilt, confusion, and disenchantment,” given the wars that have troubled his home country, since gaining independence in 1960. Munsya’s striking pictures are compellingly out of time and place. He’s inventing his own world of vibrant color and lush landscapes, a self-styled pop sci-fi with a hint of futuristic narrative." - Michael Famighetti, Editor of Aperture Magazine Kriss Munsya is best known for his thought-provoking and socially conscious art practice. He often explores themes related to identity, migration, and the African diaspora in his work. Munsya's photography combines striking visual aesthetics with a deep exploration of cultural and historical narratives. His portraits and visual storytelling often challenge stereotypes and highlight the complexity of human experiences. La pratique artistique de Kriss Munsya explore des thèmes liés à l'identité, à la migration et à la diaspora africaine dans son travail. La photographie de Munsya combine une esthétique visuelle saisissante avec une exploration approfondie des récits culturels et historiques. Ses portraits et ses récits visuels remettent souvent en question les stéréotypes et mettent en évidence la complexité des expériences humaines.



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