Hedy Yang

Ferris Wheel Views, 2024
Ceramic with matte finish | Céramique au fini mat
18.50 x 9 x 9 in

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"My artwork explores the Taoist principle of the Uncarved Block. The Uncarved Block refers to things in their own simplicity, and the power and beauty in their original form. Even the most intricate work at its’ core is nothing more than ordinary elements of the earth transformed into an extraordinary form. My latest body of work is primarily focused on the sky and clouds- there is an impermanence to that kind of beauty. Blink and you’ll miss it. Each piece is a functional vessel that acts as a canvas to encapsulate a meaningful moment or experience, so the memories can last forever. The full, curvy profiles of the vessels create the perfect surface for illustrations of clouds to dance upon. The fascination with the sky is something universally shared. It’s one of the most incredible things you get to see every day, and personally is always a very grounding and peaceful experience. My hope is to be able to illustrate that experience and sense of happiness and peace through my work. " - Hedy Yang



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