Kristin Sjaarda

Honey and Anemone (/10), 2017
Digitally captured image using only natural light, printed on archival matte, hot press bright Epson rag paper (framed)
50 x 35 in (127 x 88.90 cm)
All prices in Canadian dollars. For a quote in any other currency, please contact us. "Using the style of Dutch Golden Age painters as a jumping-off point, and objects passed down to me from my Dutch grandmother’s family, I photograph flowers grown in my downtown Toronto neighbourhood alongside the flora and fauna that live and thrive in our urban environment. While the historical 17th-century artworks were made in an era of expansion and exploitation, these images strive to preserve and shine a light on what is now threatened by climate change. The photograph is a reflection of both my heritage and the city that I live in."
Honey and Anemone by Kristin Sjaarda
Honey and Anemone by Kristin Sjaarda

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