Troy Emery

Jupiter has 53 named moons and another 26 awaiting official names, 2021
Cotton rope, polyurethane, adhesive, pins, steel | Corde en coton, polyuréthane, adhésif, épingles, acier
23 x 31.50 x 13 in
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"I think people project a lot onto animals. They are still beasts of burden, although now they carry all our anxieties about companionship, family, environmental fragility, diet, nutrition, ethics. One idea, specifically from John Berger’s Why Look at Animals, is that pets exist in the home with a kind of dual role as both members of the family, and pieces of furniture. The ‘designer pet’ becomes a fashion statement. Animals are bred to look more and more extreme, an example being the purebred pet. Maybe my works are extreme designer pets, a breeding program completely out of control.”

"Je pense que les gens se projettent beaucoup sur les animaux. Ces bêtes portent toutes nos angoisses, ressentent notre fragilité. Peut-être que mes œuvres sont des animaux de compagnie de créateurs extrêmes, un programme d'élevage complètement hors de contrôle."



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