François Arès

Original Instant, 2020
Repurposed vintage object | Objet vintage récupéré
6.75 x 6.75 x 7.25 in
All prices in Canadian dollars. For a quote in any other currency, please contact us. Canadian taxes will only be applied to shipments in Canada. Shipping charges to be determined The series Inside/Out can be seen as a temporal return to the aesthetic of the latter half of the 20th Century. The objects that are selected in this series, always in plastic, are deeply ingrained in our society and imbued with iconic value. As time passed, as a symptom of the age of overconsumption, these objects were collectively discarded and put aside for novelty. However, the relationship one had created with such an object remains as a glow of attachment to what that object represented in a time and place. Inside/Out looks at the deeper meaning or purpose of an object, one that no longer plays its original role, but represents who we were at a point in time. It seeks to challenge conventional ideas about art and identity by transforming iconic, mass-produced items from a distinct cultural era to redefine our view of a product’s lifespan and how we define ourselves according to what we own in the everyday. The repetitive and mechanical aspect of his technique draws our attention to the details. It is this desire to catch the eye and challenge our pre-established relationships with objects that drives this aspect of his artistic practice.