François Vincent

Toucher au ciel, 2021-2022
Oil on panel | Huile sur panneau
16 x 24 in
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" Upon contemplating these paintings, one feels as though silence and time have been buried in the sand. Hidden below our gravity-bold feet, or elsewhere in the distance, where the sky touches the mountains.

Seeking comfort in the horizon, split between two-dimensional lines, landscapes are painted, as though preserved in a jar. A gem stumbled upon, polished and luminous. A mother-of-pearl carefully tucked away to mark the order of time, which when brushed with the tips of your fingers, reveals the path to follow. A pocket-sized dream framed in colours that amaze, like freshly polished marbles out of a bag.

The paintings in this exhibition are part of a trajectory taken by many before me. Shadow, light, colour. The assiduity of a number of years, when layers and undercoats were applied, have left the surface radiant with possibility. The paint frees the background and form from any damages, presenting us with the illusion of a promised land. Now with a clear view, we find ourselves ready to dive in the enigma. " - François Vincent



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