Douglas Scholes

Ubiquitous - no.1 found (5/8), 2019
Relief print à la poupée on 150 lb Arches Watercolour Paper | Estampe intaglio sur papier Arches
10 x 14.50 in
Please note that shipping fees are not included. A representative will be in touch to discuss these costs. | Veuillez noter que les frais de livraison ne sont pas inclus. Un représentant communiquera avec vous pour discuter de ces coûts. For international collectors: All prices are in Canadian dollars. For a quote in any other currency, please contact us. Canadian taxes will only be applied to shipments in Canada. "The Ubiquitous series are hand pulled prints of Terrible Beauties, discards collected and re-valued through the printmaking process. These prints are created by applying multiple colours of ink to specific sections of the object, highlighting beauty found within the shape, form, texture, which is pressed onto archive paper. The image is a beautiful residue, transforming the discard to desired. The Terrible Beauties are discarded remnants of multiples produced as commodities, found in the eddies of our shared environment. The art of hand-pulled printmaking is the production of multiples which offer new perspectives on that which is."