Kyle Austin Dunn

Units of Account (X's and O's), 2021
Acrylic on canvas | Acrylique sur toile
20 x 14 in
CAD $1,540
All prices in Canadian dollars. For a quote in any other currency, please contact us. Canadian taxes will only be applied to shipments in Canada. Shipping charges to be determined. "I'm most inspired by behavioral psychology. Perceptual thinking, cognitive biases, rationality of judgement and decision-making- a lot of ideas that mostly get discussed within the context of economics, but that I'm more interested in looking at from a perspective of social conditioning and general awareness. It is definitely an introspective form of inspiration. Seeds for an idea will start as a vague concept that I have to pull and struggle with to give form to. This is probably why I rely on hard-edge and linear mark-making, it's an attempt to ground the intentions with definitive clarity."



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