This summer, Galerie Robertson Arès is pleased to bring you ALT-, a group exhibition showcasing works by artists Hiva Alizadeh (Iran), François Arès (Canada), Grégòr Belibi Minya (France), Sydney Blum (Canada), Lars Cornelisse (Netherlands), Christophe Delbeecke (Belgium), Troy Emery (Australia), Emily Filler (Canada), Sébastien Gaudette (Canada), Andrée-Anne Mercier (Canada), Laura Payne (Canada),  Douglas Scholes (Canada), Derrick Velasquez (United States), and François Vincent (Canada).

The term ALT denotes a version of something that is intended as a challenge to the traditional. Short for alternative, which is ultimately derived from the Latin word  alter, meaning « other », alt refers to the unusual. On view from June 11th to August 6th, this show celebrates peculiarity in all its weirdness and glory.