Beyond Semantics: Group Show

BEYOND SEMANTICS: Stepping away from the everyday, curated by Alysia Yip-Hoi

Semantic Satiation is a term employed in literature to describe the loss of meaning through overuse of a word. Art, images and ideas are so often repeated that they achieve a state of homogeneity. In a sea of similar offerings, this show seeks to set ourselves apart with this unique selection of works. The collection of these artists seek to remove the habitual banality of everyday objects. The relationship that today’s viewer has with contemporary art is driven by choice. How we choose to spend our time and gaze dictates the relationship with our environment. As we spend more time in a singular environment, the surroundings we choose become ever more impactful. When we surround ourselves with works that profoundly resonate within us, the meaning can never be lost.

Presenting the work of Douglas Scholes, Troy Emery, Allan Bailey, Sydney Blum, Derrick Velasquez, Miaz Brothers, Lino Lago, Rita Assouline, Marie-Claude Marquis, François Arès and Ryan Crotty. 
Alysia Yip-Hoi Martin is a multi-disciplinary designer based out of Montreal. Her background in Fine Arts and Design has lead to her first collaboration as a curator with Gallery Robertson-Arès. She saw her passion for sculpture develop into furniture and jewelry design. She continues her practice as founder of Maison Alysia while keeping  involved in the Art world through various committees and throughout in Montreal.