JOSEPH CONIFF: Panel Compositions

Joseph Coniff’s Panel Compositions explore the historical developments of materials and objects. Made of acrylic, enamel, and wallpaper on wood panel, Coniff’s Panel Compositions have evolved out of his ongoing interest and investigation into collage. 
“I’ve always looked to the readymade as my primary material… and collage is no exception. The bits and fragments of paper that make up a collage all have an origin and in-depth history. When merged, these collaged materials create a narrative, something entirely new laid out within each composition.” 

Coniff sources materials from second-hand stores, salvage yards, flea markets, and yard sales. He finds remnants in the form of half-used rolls of wallpaper and reclaimed hardwood used in past constructions. The history of these materials, their date of manufacture, their original intended use, their date of dismissal or discard, are all lost through the absence of documentation and time. Coniff seeks to create a new story with these weighted materials in the form of his Panel Compositions.