KYLE AUSTIN DUNN: Directions With No Endpoints

"Directions with No Endpoints" is a show about choosing paths and maneuvering towards undefined outcomes. A major intention I have for the work, conceptually and formally, is movement. I want to encourage eyes, bodies, brains, and psyches to be in motion without relying on a goal or desired result as the guide. My reason for the title has to do with feelings of anxiety formed by a lack of control that I think society experiences collectively- with the most pronounced and difficult consequence being a state of paralysis. This is my response and counter to that effect. It is also a continuation of ideas I have been exploring for a few years that deal with and question the cyclical nature of things. The word "direction" has somewhat contradictory definitions, among them being "the course along which someone or something moves" and also "the course taken in order to reach a destination." Framing the idea of destinations, outcomes, goals etc. as "endpoints" is a way to examine these common objectives from a different perspective. I like to create titles that use words with a higher multitude of meanings. To me, the more definitions a word has, the more potential for conflicting meanings depending on context, which provides a satisfying illustration of the limitations of language for communication.

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