In today's context, contemporary art invites us to meditate on our society and reconsider our perceived notions of time and space. It is this very perspective that Laura Payne explores with Interpolations. The intersecting geometric lines can be experienced as a plunge into a dynamic landscape, between dream and reality, and into a new dimension. Each texture and contrast invites us to experience a new journey. Placed alone or in juxtaposition, Payne’s works create their own miniature universes. Interpolations demonstrates how contemporary art finds its strength from reimagining matter and our perceptions of it.


As described by the artist: "The Interpolation series is based on the concept of the “fourth dimension” which many have interpreted as time; but it’s not as simple as that. The late Dr. Carl Sagan describes the fourth dimension by explaining our inability to experience it: Imagine you are a two-dimensional being living in a two-dimensional world. One day, a three- dimensional object — in this example, an apple — attempts to pass through your two-dimensional world. Sagan demonstrates what this would look like by stamping the base of the apple on an ink pad and transferring the ink onto the surface of the world, leaving behind a shadow. Sagan then slices a small piece off the base of the apple, presses it in ink again, and stamps the new shadow over the old one. He continues to slice and stamp the apple, creating an ever- changing shadow on the surface of the world. This is what it’s like for three-dimensional beings to witness the fourth dimension: one sliver at a time.”