What is it about painting in Montreal? There are strong reasons to see Montreal as Canada’s preeminent painting city. It’s been over seventy years since a group of sixteen artists and their teacher dared to confront the establishment and declare their allegiance to a radically progressive form of art and culture in the “Refus Global”. Where are we now? How do painters in the year 2020 respond to the many difficulties and challenges in the world around us? What is our Refus Global? How can artists, and more specifically painters, confront the troubling realities and serious negativity of our world and system while still being part of these institutions - and still be players in the game? With OFF SET, in association with Pictura Montreal, we aim to showcase the diverse and powerful desire in Montreal to keep pushing this medium forward in turbulent times, in the face of international issues as daunting as war, climate change, economic uncertainty and pandemics, fake news and deep fakes. 

Presenting the work of Mathieu Lévesque, François Vincent, Tim Lewis, Pard Morrison and François Arès.